Waxed Cord

Waxed cord is often used in jewellery making and is perfect for making beaded necklaces or bracelets.

Sometimes known as cotton cord, they are usually available in a variety of bright colours, as well as popular brown and black.

When purchasing your cord, make sure that you get a thickness that will go through the holes in your beads ... Wooden beads tend to have larger holes (3-4mm depending upon the size of the bead), right the way down to 0.5mm-1.5mm for most glass beads !

One of the great things about cord, is that it can be easily knotted, so if you are making long necklaces, then no tools are required and it can be just tied at the back and slipped over the head.

If you wanted to make shorter necklaces, then you can add cord ends onto the necklace, which clamps over the cord ... You would then attach your fasteners to the cord ends.

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