Stringing Supplies

Stringing supplies are used in jewellery making.

Stringing materials are what your beads are threaded or hung onto and include things like waxed cord, beading wire, chain, thread, elastic, tigertail, ribbon and monofilament to name a few.

Tigertail is a very popular medium for stringing as it is quite versatile and can be crimped onto, when adding fasteners.

There are a number of popular brand names of tigertail, such as Acculon, Accu-flex, Beadlon ... but these can work out quite expensive, especially if you are just starting out making jewellery.

Depending on what you are making, will determin what stringing material you use, many of which can be sourced online.

For more details on each of the stringing materials we have available, please click the link of your choice from the categories below ...

Waxed Cord

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