Make Glass Beads

Make glass beads - In this online tutorial, you will discover the joy of making your own glass beads for use in your own jewellery creations.

The joy of making your own beads, is that you can design your beads in various shapes, sizes and colours, depending upon the design of your jewellery and the more advanced you get with these techniques, the more intricate you can make your bead designs and make fancy lampwork beads.

It does take some practice to get some good shapes, as you start to make the beads and as with anything, the more you practice, the better you will get.

Glass beads have been made by humans for over 2000 years. The fundamental techniques of glassmaking were trade secrets for many years (until the early 17th century). The populat method for making glass beads, produces lamp worked beads, named because glass rods were heated usually in the flame of an oil/gas lamp, with the molten glass being wound onto a bead making rod.

For a short demonstration of glass making in action, watch this short video below ...

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