Jewellery Making Findings

Jewellery making findings are the components of a piece of jewellery that bring pieces of jewellery together.

Jewellery findings are items such as headpins, eyepins, clasps, jump rings, fasteners, earwires and can be used in a number of ways to add an extra dimensions to your creative pieces, depending on how and where you use them.

In jewellery making you tend to use a lot of jewellery making supplies, therefore you tend to buy them in bulk quantities rather than one's and two's ...

You will also be able to find your jewellery findings supplies in a number of popular colours including silver plated, gold plated, copper plated, bronze plated, and black plated, as well as sterling silver, although these tend to be quite a bit more expensive.

Click on an image below for details of our full findings range ...

Headpins Eyepins Clasps Jump Rings Fasteners Earwires

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