Jewellery Design
Jewellery Project Ideas For Everyone

Do you struggle for jewellery design ideas ?

Designing and making your own jewellery is an extremely fun and rewarding hobby, BUT ....

Coming up with ideas of what to design, is an ongoing process to feed your own creativity, let alone the hunger for your designs, from friends, family and co-workers !

Having to think about the latest colour trends, designs and styles can be overwhelming ... So what's the answer ?

'Jewellery Design School' send out beautiful weekly projects, with step-by-step colour photographs and instructions, to help you make that week's project, along with a supplies list and even where to get all the components you need, to replicate the designs.

Photographs are large enough to see and with baby step instructions, you can easily understand what needs to be done and when to do it ... I think Jewellery Design School is a great idea and I'll certainly be recommending it to all my friends ...

Take a look and let me know what you think !