Indian Glass Beads

We have a number of bead suppliers from around the world and our Indian glass beads are excellent quality, but it wasn't always like that ...

When we first imported beads from India, (from a different supplier to the one we use now), I have to tell you that the quality aspect of things was horendous ...

In fact, at that time I vowed never to do business with India again !

So what changed ?

Well, there was a supplier who contacted us and I told him of my concerns, to which he agreed to send us some samples of his stock.

It's a good job he did, as we now spend many thousands of pounds with him per year ...

He built his trust with us and we have rewarded him with many years of large orders ... We love the quality of his glass beads and even more so, so do our customers !

They have now proven to be some of our most popular sellers.

Take a look at our full range of Indian Glass Beads here.