April 2007

Handbag Charms

This month, we have put an online guide together, to creating your own 'Jean / Handbag Charms', as these are highly popular items at the moment.

Why not create your own bag charms either for yourself, your friends or to resell online, at auction sites such as ebay.

To read the free instructions for creating these beatiful items just follow this link.

Multi Colour Beads

We have added lots more to our Multi Coloured Section of beads, to include, transparent, lustre, opaque and the ever popular Wedding Cake Beads. Check out the latest selection here ...

Seed & Bugle Beads

We have also increased the colour selection of our seed beads and bugle beads ... This month we have added stunning Cobalt Blue Bugle Beads and Silver Lined Clear Seed Beads.

Take a look at our complete seed bead and bugle beads selection, all with free UK Delivery

Increase your craft skills, with these great selection of 'Craft Ebooks' ... (Read More)

Happy beading !

Lisa xx